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Flip Sequin Pillow(Square)(Blank) BY-PC-088
[Product description]

Size: 40*40cm
Material: Sequin fabric and white polyester
Color: The sequins were 2- tone sequin fabric and can be filled.The back of the sequins are another color. So you can get different patterns if you flip the sequins.
Other Colors are available


Black, gold, silver, pink.

Flip Sequin Pillow, made of sequin fabric and white polyester, 45*35cm.
The pillow covers are comprised of 2 tone sparkly sequins perfectly overlapping each other on the face, and the back side of soft polyester fabrics.
Both the sequin sides and the polyester sides can be imprinted with images by sublimation printing. When you slide your fingers across the sequins, the images will be changed, and the sequins will be flipped to give another tone. Also, you can create your designs of letters, monograms, or shapes on the images simply with a slide of fingers. They will be lovely decoration of your sweet home.

Printing Instructions
For Heat Presses
Printing parameters for reference: 180℃, 120 seconds
1. Print on the sublimation paper, mirror image;

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