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6IN1 Pen heat press machine XY-036
Model No.: XY-036
Printing Size: 40*29.5*H39.5cm

※Temperature constant
※LCD Panel
※Pressure adjustable


      (Accept OEM color)

Model No. XY-036
Machine Type  temperature constant,Automatic baking time control,Pressure adjustable
Name pen heat press machine
Controller P1P2
Voltage   110V/220V
Power 350W
Time Range   0-999sec.
Max. Temp.   399°C 
Gross Weight 8.98kg
Package Size 390*330*370mm

  Can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printed pen。

Export  standard carton

1) Set temperature: Press "OK" button, panel shows “ P-1”, press ▼▲to set the temperature

2) Set Time: after setting temperature, press "OK" button again ,panel shows “P-2”, press ▼▲ to set the time.

3) Save setting: Press “OK” button for 3 seconds to save the temperature and time. Machine starts to heat up automatically.





4) Remark for other setting:

A. P-3 shown on panel, you can press ▼▲to exchange Celsius and Fahrenheit degree meter

: Celsius degree indicator light (when this light up, it means you are using Celsius degree meter)

℉:Fahrenheit degree indicator light (when this light up, it means you are using Fahrenheit degree meter)






B. P-4 shown on panel, you can press ▼▲to set temperature deviation (please do not set temperature deviation without technicians’ support)

C. ENTER button is for time countdown. When reach to target temperature, press “ENTER” button, machine will countdown automatically.


For logo or small size items

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