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Swinger Heat Press Sublimation Machine XY-006A

Model No.:XY-006A
Size:38cm x 38cm,40cm x 50cm


※  LCD controller
※  Swing
※  Withdrawing of working table


      (Accept OEM color)

Model No. XY-006A
Machine Type  Swing &Withdrawing
Name   Star series swing machine with drawer
Controller LCD controller
Voltage   110V/220V
Power   1.8kW  2.2kW
Time Range   0-999sec.
Max. Temp.   399°C 
Printing Area   38cm x 38cm  40cm x 50cm
Pringting Thickness up to 70mm
Gross Weight 46kg 52kg
Package Size 72.5*44*45cm 75.5x51.5x48cm

  Can be sublimated logo or type, solvent type ink, high temperature and pressure, and a certain amount of time, heat transfer printed cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, metal, ceramic, glass and other material, can also be used for flocking heat transfer and heat treatment of foaming printing, convenient and practical.

The machine is packed in wooden package and provide with manual.

①Put the material on the table,adjust the pressure knob gett right pressure required
②Connect power plug and turn on power
③Set time and temp you want with temp/time gauge get required numbers
④The temp for heating plate will star to rise up, when it reaching temp you set,put the material
on the working table and close the handle
⑤The buzzer will sound when reaching time you set,release the handle and take out the material

1)     Setting the Target Temperature: Press the “SET” key, when panel shows “ SP” , then press the (up) or▼ (down) to set the temperature. You may refer to “Suggested Time and Temperature” to determine the suitable temperature and time according to the materials you intend to use.

2)     Setting the Target Time: Press the "SET" key, when panel shows “SL” , then press the (up) or ▼ (down) to set the time.

3)     Press the "SET" again for two seconds to save the temperature and time settings.

4)     Working Temperature: After you save the target temperature and time, the panel will show the working temperature, which is the current temperature of the heat plate. The heat plate will take some time to warm up. Please wait until the working temperature reaches the target temperature - only then the machine is ready to use.


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